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The way you pay​

ARYZE is building a new financial ecosystem that will fundamentally improve the way people and businesses transfer and store money.

We are building a full-reserve bank so we can operate at a fraction of the traditional risk, using regulated cloud-native banking software, interlinked with the world of blockchains and smart-contracts.

ARYZE is building the backbone of the financial future, introducing direct, border-free and universally accessible Digital Cash that will go straight from your wallet to the world.

What is ARYZE about ?

At ARYZE, we are bridging the gap between modern technology and traditional finance, providing a compliant solution to stagnating legacy systems and financial exclusion. Through advanced design principles and trusted partnerships, we have set out to solve intricate systemic problems and supply the vital and innovative elements for the future of finance. ARYZE has won numerous awards and received significant media attention, and we are building that momentum into a means to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals 9, 10 and 16.


What we are creating

ARYZE is developing the interactive series of technological solutions that are required to build a modern, comprehensive payment system.

A new financial ecosystem

Our world is getting smaller and more connected, but the barriers to international money transfer are as high as ever. ARYZE is changing that, making money digital, direct and dynamic, so you can save, send and spend as you please.

Digital cash

We’re creating a digital replica of the cash in your hands today: reliable, transferable, and backed by your central bank. Digital Cash can be sent and spent around the world at the touch of a button. The only thing our cash can’t do is be lost or stolen. Our Digital Cash is everything your cash is, and more.

Financial inclusion

We believe that in this age of disruptive tech, financial exclusion must end now. Enabling the unbanked 30% of the global population to access financial services will significantly reduce world poverty, boosting the global economy and bringing the world a little closer together. We have the will and we’re building the way.

Trust and transparency

ARYZE is building a full-reserve bank, meaning every digital dollar that we make will be placed in the central bank that originally issued it. We use distributed ledgers to maximise security and minimise fraudulent activity. Our goal is to enable you to seamlessly transfer, trace and trust your money.


Digital money should be available everywhere and for everybody. We create an interoperability link so that Digital Cash can be issued to multiple different blockchains and thereby become instantly scalable, as well as giving users the ability to code in their preferred language.

What we are solving

Money plays a role in nearly all aspects of modern society. For many developed countries, the difficulties in transacting value are less apparent than in the developing world. Still, even the largest multinational corporations face challenges when handing funds. Despite recent technological advancements, money is still analog, which causes several fundamental problems within the financial system.
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